26 Treasures Scotland in numbers

National Museums Scotland have provided us with some great statistics from the 26 Treasures Scotland exhibition. The show closed on 27 Jan with a panel event at the museum featuring organisers Sara Sheridan and Jamie Jauncey, novelist and poet James Robertson, ex-curator Lucy Harland and journalist Lee Randall. Between 30 November and 27 January the museum recorded:
400 26 Treasures trail leaflets picked up
556 QR codes used
15,290 web views (to 29 January)
265 participants in adult events programme
241 participants in family events programme
101 entries to the 26 Treasures writing competition

Claire Allan, the museum’s learning officer, wrote to us saying ‘We’ve really enjoyed working on this project with all of you and look forward to finding new ways of linking up in the future.’ Another fantastic success story for 26 Treasures!
Jamie Jauncey

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