26 Shields

Stories from the margins of a pandemic

*New project klaxon*

Nearly one year on from our first experience of lockdown, Alastair Creamer and Becca Magnus are launching a project to share the stories of those who have been shielding.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve heard heroics and tragedies, but some of the most important stories remain untold. For 26 Shields, we’re inviting people who are shielding to share their stories. It’s a place for hard truths, quiet courage, small joys and positive, powerful reflection on what it means to live.

We want to give shielders back their voice. We’ll share their stories from across five key moments in the pandemic, in written and audio form on the 26 website and social media.

Read the full project brief here.

And hear Alastair talk about the project here:

We’re now inviting 26 writers to join us in telling these vital stories. If you’re shielding, or know someone who has, and you’re interested in joining, we’d love to hear from you. We’re keen to include people from across all clinically extremely vulnerable groups.

In this first instance, send us a brief paragraph (no more than 100 words) of your shielding story, or somebody else’s shielding story. Help us understand the circumstances. Let us know if you’re connected to any charities that support your particular condition or situation. At this stage, we’re trying to find 26 writers whose subjects embrace a true cross-section of those shielding. Deadline for submissions is 14 March 2021.

We’ll announce the 26 writers on 23 March, one year on from the start of shielding.

– Becca Magnus and Alastair Creamer

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