26 Prints

baigneuseIn January, we’re going to launch a new project called 26 Prints in association with Eames Fine Art, an original print gallery on Bermondsey Street in London.

How it will work

26 writers will each be paired with an original print. Your artist may be alive, in which case they will often be less well known, but you might get to meet them; or dead, in which case they could be Matisse or Miro, but frustratingly elusive and poor conversationalists.

There will be a print pairing evening on Thursday 26th January at Eames Fine Art studio on Tanner Street near London Bridge. In time-honoured fashion, the pairing will be randomised. So, if you want to take part in the project, you’ll have to make sure you can come along to the pairing because this is when your artwork will be loaned to you and when you can take it home.

You’ll then have about three weeks or so to respond to your print in the form of 26’s own proprietary art form, the sestude (that’s 62 words in case this is new to you).

Once you’ve written your sestude, you will, sadly, need to get the print back to Eames Fine Art for the gallery launch party on 29th March to which you’ll be invited. From 29th March to 16th April, all 26 artworks and their accompanying sestudes will be displayed at the gallery on Bermondsey Street.

How to sign up

At this point, we’re looking for writers. So if this appeals to you, then please email Martin Lee at martinleeuk@gmail.com by December 9th.

If you want to check out Eames Fine Art before committing, you can visit their website to get a feel for the type of artists they represent, some of whom may be included in the project.

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