26 Atlantic Crossings

Compass Roses by Joanna McFarland

Oh! What a night!

26 Canadian artists from Prince Edward County Studio Tour and their supporters, about 100 people, gathered in Picton, Ontario, to celebrate the opening of 26 Atlantic Crossings.


There was an expression in the 1960’s – a happening. It described an art event, usually performance art. 26 Atlantic Crossings launch party wasn’t just an event. It was A Happening. The place buzzed!


As project editor, I was privileged to meet the artists and writers as individuals. It was a special moment when I saw all the sestudes and artworks come together on my laptop.


When I got the chance to see the artists and their artworks for real, instead of as jpeg’s, arriving in their plastic sheaths and watch them being hung with their sestudes, it was wonderful. When I saw and heard the artists’ first reactions, it was spectacular.


Artists do what they do and writers write what they write to make a connection – with their work and with their viewers and readers. 26 Atlantic Crossings was another 26 project that made heartfelt connections, this time across an ocean.


Sophie Gordon designed a beautiful e-book for us. You can download it for free here. A limited number of print copies were made. To get your copy email: faye@maraposa.co.uk



Sophie Gordon’s sestude in response to Joanna McFarland’s panting Compass Roses:

I’ll fill a vase with compass roses.

Each bloom – a journey not yet travelled.

Every petal – a step along the way.

These are rambling roses,

climbing roses,

getting lost and found again roses.

They scale mountains.

They cross oceans.

They thrive on imagination,

and flourish under an adventurous hand.

I’ll fill a vase with compass roses.

They help me find my way.


Faye Sharpe

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