26 Armistice: update

As we enter the final weeks of our centena releases, don’t miss out on some exciting news, dates for your diary, and getting hold of the book itself.

Image courtesy of John J Sills

If I’ve done the maths right, the day this goes live will be day 83 of our Armistice 100 Days project. And with just over two weeks until Armistice Day, 26’s most ambitious project to date is showing no signs of slowing down.

Dipping into the project page every week or so is a source of constant surprise for me. Just when I think it’s not possible to be caught off guard again by a sucker punch of emotive prose, a heart-breaking poem, and the sheer wonderful, relatable human-ness of it all… it happens, yet again.

Plus, my Granny finally understands what 26 is. And she thinks it’s very good indeed.

This is a project about remembrance of course, but firmly rooted in the present. All the profits raised from book sales will go to the hugely deserving charity, War Child – to help protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children affected by war. After reaching our first target of £5,500 in just 10 days, the aim is now to double that, so please do pledge to the JustGiving page and don’t hold back on how many copies you opt for. The book is a thing of beauty.


Let’s celebrate

We’ll be gathering together again in London after the final centena on Wednesday 14 November. For anyone who’d like to join, please drop Lisa an email (lisa.andrews@curiouswriter.co.uk) so she can confirm numbers.


And some news…

26 is also working with our friends at Eames Fine Art to create a very special Armistice 100 Days commemoration. On Sunday 11 November, for one day only, all 100 centenas will be on public display at the gallery in Bermondsey – do come along if you can as it promises to be a moving sight.

Details for the day are still being worked out, so watch this space.

Sophie Gordon


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