The man who changed the words

Earlier this month Nick Parker caught up with 26 founder member and ‘grandfather of tone of voice’ John Simmons for his newsletter That explains things.

It’s good. So good, that I’m just going to suggest that you read it now, here. Still need some more convincing? Three more reasons for you…

  1. We have a legend in our midst
    You might not know this, but John effectively invented the concept of ‘tone of voice’ – something which is often taken for granted now. This conversation between John and Nick delves back to how it all started and where tone of voice is going. Essential reading.
  2. Nick knows a thing or two about tone of voice
    He’s even created Voicebox, the world’s only ‘find your tone of voice’ kit. So he knows all the right questions to ask, and has plenty of his own wisdom to share.
  3. You can also listen to the whole thing on SoundCloud
    Perfect for commuting, for multi-tasking, or for settling down with a cuppa.

I’d also recommend signing up to Nick’s newsletter. With gems like this, who wouldn’t?

– Sophie Gordon

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