Here’s an intriguing website. It’s slightly like Pinterest, but before you turn off and move on, it’s a social networking site that is devoted to storytelling. The idea is to create a kind of participative journalism based on simple human stories that can be built up through words and pictures. It’s elegantly designed, simple to get, with a neat idea behind the name. If you’re interested to find out what that idea is, you’re just going to have to go to the site to find out… Martin Lee



colourDNA is a wonderful new social discovery app and website… Wait! Come back! Don’t be put off by the label of what it is. Rather, be delighted by the fact that it really is interesting, lovely, wonderful… and fun!

colourDNA makes it easy to share things that you love and discover new things to enjoy, all based on the recommendations from people who love the same things you do. Colour psychology suggests your preference for given colours reflect innate personality traits within an individual and colourDNA uses these preferences to form part of its recommendation system. You can love things on the site, or create your own loves, which have an ever-evolving colourDNA based on those who love it too.

You also get personalised recommendations from seeing your loves overlap with other users. This means you can find new places, restaurants, books, bands, parks, galleries, artists… anything really – that you would struggle to elsewhere without having to spend a considerable amount of time endlessly browsing. You can also rediscover some old loves – what was your favourite book, sweet or TV programme as a child – I bet someone else loves it too! Anna Goswell


Letters of Note

I can’t stop telling everyone about the wonderful Letters of Note. It’s a collection of letters that are at times hilarious, heartbreaking and painfully honest. Every one is a fascinating little snapshot of a relationship between two people, some famous, some obscure. Nothing good gets away is one of my absolute favourites. Hannah Riley



Pure brilliance!

Grab a copy of Andrew Miller’s Pure – a gem of a book from a consistently brilliant novelist. What’s it about? Without giving the game away, I can promise you a story that has it all – religious conflict, revolutionary politics, Parisien sex and lots and lots of dead bodies. Fraser Southey




New York Met live broadcasts

I’m loving the New York Met live broadcasts at the Picture House in Brighton. Watching the opera itself is amazing but the broadcasts also include backstage interviews – all for only £20. Last week’s Manon with Anna Netrebko was fabulous darlings. Don’t forget your picnic! Anna Dewis


What a remarkable book. Stunning graphic design, georgeous physical form (Bible-like, with faux leather cover and gold-edged pages) and many insights on memes, beliefs, culture, ideas and thought. It’s beautiful, desirable, thought provoking and intelligent. I’ve just finished it and all I want to do is read it again, which seems a pretty good reaction. You won’t be disappointed. Roger Horberry

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