Our favourite things

rothkoAbstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy

A big show with big canvases – Rothko, Jackson Pollock, De Kooning. Amazing work that represented a huge shift in our way of looking at the world.

John Simmons

The Light Between Oceans

I saw this film the other day. I didn’t cry, but it’s a truly moving story, about two people doomed to disaster from the very beginning. The two principal performances are brilliant, and very well supported. It was so good, I have added the original novel to my Waterstones’ wish list!

Francis Glibbery


the-house-behind-the-linesThe House Behind the Lines

An evocative devised play about the hidden history of sex workers in WW1 scripted from research into the Western Front. It’s gritty, atmospheric, humourous and writes women back into a male-dominated history. Devised and scripted by Buglight Theatre in collaboration with emerging playwright Lydia Rain. Very powerful.

Irene Lofthouse



poisonwoodThe Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

A haunting tale of a missionary family’s life in the Congo in the 60s; possibly not the best thing to read while emigrating to a jungle though!

Samantha Short




The Infinite Mix

An audiovisual treat in an interesting (if a bit chilly) new exhibition space. My top tip – have a coffee break halfway through in the wonderfully plant-filled café with great views of the Southbank. And be quick! It wraps up on December 4th.

Sophie Gordon


Out of the Darkness A podcast about a husband who never thought “for worse” could get so bad. National Public Radio’s Modern Love audio episode tells the story of a new husband dealing with his wife’s sudden mental illness. An unsung hero.


Cure by Jo Marchant looks at how the workings of your mind can affect your body, even heal it when medicine won’t.


kew-web750x405-sliderKew Gardens – overcome writer’s block with a walk around tree-filled Kew Gardens. The perfect spot for writerly contemplation

Elena Bowes


I’m following 23 Research Things — a course where both teaching and coursework are blogged. It offers introductions to 23 tools or concepts for use in research: for instance Twitter, creative commons, communicating complex ideas. Aimed by research support librarian Georgina Cronin at academic researchers; helpful for writers. Try it!

Aidan Baker

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