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ingreediesThis is one for the kids. Ingreedies is a cookery book that uses the power of character and stories to get children excited about food.

The Short Anthology. Several writers respond to the work of one photographer to create a wonderfully wide and varied collection of short stories.

The Story of the Lost Child – I’m savouring every last word in the final book of Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels. It’s glorious, as expected.

Laura Hunter


bright-preciousI am loving Bright Precious Days by Jay McInerney, the third time we get to read about Russell and Corrine Calloway and their heady lives in New York City. Amidst glamorous fundraisers, hip book parties and summering in the Hamptons, the Calloway’s life and marriage is not all that it appears.

Next on my list is Lab Girl, a story of trees, science and love, which my sister – an avid reader but not a particular fan of trees or science, said was the best book she read last year.

I also can’t wait to see American Honey, an independent film about teenagers (some with no acting experience) traveling across the US selling magazines, and living wild. Just watch the trailer – it’s mesmerizing.

bedlamA couple of weekends ago I took a trip to the Wellcome Collection to see their latest exhibition ‘Bedlam: the asylum and beyond’. Intriguing, varied, at times heart-breaking and surprisingly heart-warming. And it’s free. I love the Welcome Collection and they’ve done it again! Great exhibition.

This year the NSPCC is the first charity to ever team up with the Oxford Street Christmas lights, as part of their Little Stars campaign. They’re giving people the chance to dedicate a light to someone special, for a suggested donation, and all proceeds will go towards keeping children safe – at Christmas and all year round.

Sophie Gordon


styleWriting with style

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century by Steven Pinker is a warm, smart style guide all writers should read.

Martin John by Anakana Schofield is by turns fastidious, funny and deeply chilling, as we are led inside a very dark mind.

Also recommend Boots Cold Defence (‘tis the season).

Kirsten Irving

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