26 Recommends

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

It’s quite a while since I’ve read the Booker winner within months of the book winning, but I’m really glad I did with this one. A wonderful tapestry of (mostly) black women’s lives, where all the disparate stories gradually come together towards the end of the book. Wonderful writing, vibrant characters, full of heart and soul and anger, this is a deserved winner. Together with a very satisfying twist in the final couple of pages.

– Martin Lee

Book: Buzz – the Nature and Necessity of Bees, by Thor Hanson. It’s about bees, it’s written by a superhero, what’s not to love?

Film: 1917 – it is as good and as heart-breaking as everyone says. Especially poignant for anyone who was involved in the Armistice and 26 Trees projects.

– Lisa Andrews

A touching comedy/drama set in World War 2 Germany centring on a ten-year-old Nazi fanatic with Hitler for an imaginary friend? It doesn’t sound possible – doesn’t sound tasteful. But Jojo Rabbit is my recommendation of the month. Taika Waititi’s expert use of gentle (sometimes surreal) humour and poignant observation brought tears of mirth and sorrow to my eyes.

– Sophie Gordon

I saw some advertisement inspiration which I think 26 members will enjoy. It’s the latest McDonalds advert which only uses words to promote their food. It’s simple, bold and elegant – never thought I’d say that for McDonalds. The typographic illustrations are informative and bizarrely make you want to eat a burger without the need of seeing one. – Sana Iqbal

Wilding. Pan MacMillan. 2018.  Forced to accept that intensive farming at Knepp, West Sussex was unsustainable, Isabella Tree and her husband Charlie Burrell decided to let nature take over. Who knew cattle make nests?  And an oak’s secret to longevity is to hollow its trunk and lower its branches?  Anyone who enjoyed 26 Trees will find this book fascinating – Faye Sharpe

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