26 Recommends

At 180 The Strand, London, is the latest multimedia show by United Visual Artists. Entitled Other Places, the first couple of rooms feature coordinated displays of light in mist. While impressive, they reminded me of the light shows certain Prog Rock bands would employ when fans could be wowed by lasers. The third room however is a gem. Legendary audio artist Bernie Krause presents The Great Animal Orchestra. With four decades of sound recording around the world, his mix of animal sounds coordinated with a laser output that immerses you along three walls of a darkened chamber, is a sensory delight. One could spend hours here.

– Philip Parker

Kunene and the king

I saw the play’s premiere at the RSC earlier in the year and found it utterly engrossing. It is a hugely moving head-to-head between actors Anthony Sher (Jack Morris) and John Kani (Lunga Kunene) with exceptional music performed by Lungiswa Plaatjies. Reflecting on 25 years since the first democratic elections after apartheid, it explores: race, class, culture, politics, ageing, caring and being cared for and, how a mutual passion for Shakespeare can break down barriers.

It’s transferring to The Ambassador’s Theatre London from 24 Jan – 28 March 2020.

– Sarah Hill

Out Loud

18 Nov there’ll be a 30-minute programme on BBC R4 about the ever-expanding open mic/spoken word events that have burgeoned in Bradford over the last few years. It features many poets who I know, several of whom were nervous and under-confident just a year or so ago, and who are now organising events around Bradford and beyond, and working with Kala Sangam, Mind the Gap, schools and charities. Well worth catching up with it on BBC Sounds to hear a different take on the ‘dark satanic mills’ myth about my home town.

– Irene Lofthouse

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