26 recommends

While in Berlin on a live sketching commission, I visited the Buchstabenmuseum, the museum of letters. In its site under some railway arches, rescued bits of signage are arranged by colour and occasionally, assembled into words. See it while they’re still settling into the space and you’ll get to enjoy piles of letters waiting for display. 

– Lydia Thornley

Saw this from Unbound and thought it might be interesting for 26ers.The Pyjama Myth is a new book by Sian Meades-Williams on the freelance writer’s life, and it’s not too late to pledge.

– Fiona Thompson

The Arborealists are a group of contemporary artists who have united to promote their work and subject – the tree. Who knows, sometime in the future, we might do a wonderful project with them to combine words and images about trees? In the meantime, through our 26 Trees project with the Woodland Trust, we share an interest in trees, so I thought other members of 26 might like to know about one of their forthcoming events. Go and take a look if you’re near Dartington Hall, Devon. The exhibition runs until 4 September.

– John Simmons

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