26 Recommends

Hot off the press this month is Robert MacFarlane’s latest work Underland.

Robert is one of the finest writers about landscape & history right now. His earlier works & writing style were an inspiration for 26 Steps. Now, like the Jam, he is going underground to make sense of the world from the hidden layers & spaces underneath our feet.

Truly an explorer, a psycho geographer, a philosopher – and such a fine writer. If you cannot find joy in his prose, maybe you are  6 feet under ready 😉

– Sandy Wilkie

Rosmersholm by Ibsen, Duke of York Theatre, London

Hayley Atwell shines in this no-nonsense rare revival of an Ibsen classic. It ticks all the Ibsen boxes: proto feminist trapped in gilded cage; stirrings of revolution; repressed sexual yearning; a final act shocking disclosure. Its storyline of political manipulation, extreme politics and fake news no doubt selected it for reviving. I found it overly melodramatic and not all performances uniform, but Atwell is excellent. The critics are loving it.

 – Philip Parker

I’ve been watching Neil Gaiman on Masterclass.com – teaching the art of storytelling. As you’d expect, it’s intense and engaging, entertaining and a bit like sitting opposite him as he chats to you one-to-one. The site is brilliant, I’ve already lined up a whole load of people to watch including Santana (not) teaching guitar and Hans Zimmer on composing film scores. 

– Ed Prichard

I especially enjoyed A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne. This is a particularly delicious example of metafiction, following the literary career of Maurice Swift, an arch opportunist with a Machiavellian bent for furthering his own interests, who makes his way into the ranks of the literati. There is a marvellous cameo appearance by Gore Vidal in characteristically caustic mode, and the author manages to poke gentle fun at the literary establishment in general, and prize panels in particular.

– Ian Brydon

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