26 recommends

Our final installment of recommendations for 2017. What have 26ers been up to this month?


My recommendation is London’s Postal Museum. A fabulous place to celebrate not only our intricate and efficient postal service, but the wonder of the letter.

Francesca Baker


My best discovery this year was the National Poetry Library, on the top floor of the Royal Festival Hall. It’s free to join and you can borrow four books at a time. I’ve also loved listening to the New Yorker poetry podcast, hosted by Paul Muldoon, who discusses writing with leading poets.

Jill Hopper


My suggestion this month feels a bit Inception-esque – a recommendation within a recommendation. Girls at Library features book recommendations and reading lists from an interesting range of women with one thing in common – a love of reading. The online journal is beautifully curated with atmospheric photography. Not just one for the girls.

Sophie Gordon


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