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once-more-with-feelingPorn Recounted

Once More, With Feeling by Victoria Coren and Charlie Skelton, an account of their attempt to make the best porn film ever; The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea by Yukio Mishima and Nobody Belongs Here More Than You, a treasury of funny, lonely stories by Miranda July.

Kirsten Irving


hysterical-literatureLiterature and Sex

While the subject of porn has been raised, may I recommend watching Hysterical Literature, a video sensation that merges literature and sex, the two passions of NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt. It has been watched over 25 million times in 200 countries. A series of women are seated at a table reading a favourite work of literature. Under the table out of the subject’s control (and the viewer’s vision) an unseen assistant distracts them with a vibrator. It’s something to behold.

Less spicy, but still tantalising – I am excited to hear writers Michael Morpurgo, Jeanette Winterson and Edmund de Waal speak at 5×15 – on different dates – 23rd September, 1st October and 6th October respectively.

I can’t wait to satisfy my inner nerd (my kids would say it’s not that inner) by boarding the Floating Cinema’s Extra Terrestrial summer season. Watch sci-fi cult classics on barges cruising London’s canals and waterways under the stars. Cool man. If sci-fi and boating are not your thing, then check out these rooftop outdoor screenings at St Paul’s.

Sneaking in a 4th tip because it’s too good to omit: Check out London’s first contemporary art walk. The Line is a three mile walk running alongside the Greenwich Meridian, an imaginary line that separates east from west and marks the starting point of every time zone in the world. Fourteen art works have been borrowed for two years with such big names as Damien Hirst, Martin Creed, Antony Gormley, Bill Viola, Stirling Ruby taking part.

Elena Bowes


combattantsNew Girl Crush

Here are my three favourite things this month.

  1. Dept of Speculation. A fragmented novel by Jenny Offill, part memoir, something beautiful.
  2. Les Combattants. Love at first fight, brilliant, original French film. I have a new girl crush.
  3. The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock R4 analysis and readings of TS Eliot’s poem. ‘That is not what I meant at all.

Elen Lewis


tounBimbo, the Poodle

  1. Jellyfish by Janice Galloway to dive in and savour her new collection of short stories which explore love, sex and parenthood.
  1. Can’t Forget About You by David Ireland at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow – a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of post-Troubles Northern Ireland.
  2. The cover reveal for my debut novel – Talk of the Toun. Wondering why there’s a poodle wearing pink sunglasses on the book cover? You’ll meet him in the novel and he’s called Bimbo. It’s a coming-of-age black comedy telling the story of love, family life and friendship set in the summer of 1985 in a Scottish working class village.

Helen MacKinven


strange-faceNick Drake, Another Chance

The show Strange Face – Adventures With A Lost Nick Drake Recording is at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, daily at Lunchtimes (12.30pm) at The City Cafe, 19 Blair Street. I am aware that some members didn’t see the show in London and some who did, forgot to buy a copy of the book. Maybe all this could be rectified sometime from 6th – 30th August.

Michael Burdett


bend-it-like-beckhamHow do you bend it like Beckham on stage?

The show serves up the vibrancy one would expect but could have done with more editing. The script carefully addresses current political, religious and social issues, putting football lower down on the list. It would have been nice to see more innovative ways to capture sports on stage.

Jigna Umeria


art-on-rockArt on a Rock

Slate Mosaics at Atlantic Islands Centre. This striking exhibition by artist Dugald MacInnes aptly uses slate from the ‘slate Isles’ of Luing and Easdale to create abstract geometric pieces as well as some Charles Rennie MackIntosh inspired pieces which have more order to them. I prefer the creative chaos of his earlier works personally.

Laura Mcintyre

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