Ruffling the writing wings

IMG_2092In the ghostly but glorious Strawberry Hill House, a group of people gathered to ruffle their writing wings. A day of poetry, six-word stories and a sprinkling of Dark Angels magic left Bridget Waters feeling suitably inspired.

On a Friday morning in mid-December, I brushed through rush hour commuters and boarded a train from London Waterloo to Strawberry Hill.

Travelling through outlying villadom and past winter-bare allotments, my destination was Strawberry Hill House and a meeting of writers and friends.

This was the first Dark Angels Taster Day, led by John Simmons and Elen Lewis. An opportunity to gently ruffle the writing wings before launching into the full Foundation course. Or, for those of us who have already experienced the Dark Angels magic, a creative boost before the Christmas holidays.

So, what did we do? We enjoyed a grand tour of Sir Horace Walpole’s “little gothic castle”. We wrote haiku, poetry and six-word short stories. We condensed our favourite novels into twelve words. We discussed the good, the bad and the bland of business writing. We did lots of other things, but to say much more would spoil the magic.

Dark Angels courses help people to become better writers, communicators and storytellers – and bring those skills into their day job. They help people to communicate their ideas clearly, find more meaning in their work, and grow personally and professionally by using words with skill and care.

For me, the programme has been transformative. Taking the Foundation course in 2014 helped me find my voice. It also introduced me to a group of people who share my passion for making businesses communications kinder and more human. The Taster Day was an effective kick in the creativity pants, sparking ideas and helping the words to flow.

If you’d like to try a taste of Dark Angels, this course runs four times in 2016. Why not stretch your writing wings?

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