Members’ news June 2019

Naomi’s Poem is a therapeutic correspondence between my sister and I as we deal with some cliff-edge health news. Sections of the poem are contained in French Folds, to be torn before reading. Text is set in Doves Type, a typeface which was lost beneath the Thames for 100 years.

More details here.

– Tom Sharp

A D&AD win for Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Postal Services

Sarah Farley, Becca Magnus, Mike Reed and Samuel Pollen have won a D&AD Wood Pencil for Writing for Design (Tone of Voice).

The four writers teamed up to help Hoxton Street Monster Supplies launch their new Postal Services. Here’s more on the project:

In caves and cupboards the world over, there are monsters – monsters who are curious about humans and would love to hear from them. Meanwhile, there are many young people who’d love to write to them.

So we helped the Ministry of Stories launch the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Postal Service. For a small fee, humans of all ages can write to a monster and receive a personal reply, with all proceeds going toward the Ministry’s creative writing workshops.

We created six monster personas, plus guidelines and a training workshop that enabled volunteers to write on the monsters’ behalf.

– Sarah Farley

Spotted in Lisbon

When Elen and I were on holiday in Lisbon last month, imagine our gasp of surprise when we saw a birthday party happening on a table on the other side of the restaurant we were in. Not a 30th, or 40th or 50th birthday, but a 26th! – Martin Lee

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