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I recently finished a writing project, which Dark Angels are kindly hosting as a free download. I’d like to offer it to members of 26 too. Might help pass an hour or two while we all keep our distance.

London to Bombay 1939 is the true story of a man, his wife and two daughters who, in the summer of 1939, days before WWII was declared, drove from London to Bombay in a borrowed, fourth-hand Ford sedan.  They raced to cross borders before they closed.  They raced for home.

Here’s the link.

– Faye Sharpe

I’ve been busy reinventing myself to reach new audiences, now that live performance isn’t possible. Aimed at family/home learning (but for anyone really), commissions from The Piece Hall  (Halifax) and Freedom Studios (Bradford) have resulted in online learning videos combining performance, arts/craft, creative writing, history and song.

Mrs Graham (Piece Hall)

Peg Dolls (Freedom Studios)

– Irene Lofthouse

This month Wigtown Book Festival opted to go digital, including its autumn festival, so two publications I have been responsible for creating have appeared online. They are Southlight 27 –the bi-annual literature journal – which is always open for submissions andLovely Nelly the result of a winter writing workshop in creative non-fiction, which focussed on historical records of emigration from the Solway ports to Nova Scotia in the late 18th century.

It is planned that both books will see hard copy versions once the printer is  operational and we can hold launch events. I guess that will depend on how long public events remain locked down.

In the meantime you can read them both here :  events page for Southlight

– Vivien Jones

I have noticed a surge in people using the current circumstances to re-appraise their career choices, and no fewer than three people have sought me out for advice on freelance copywriting. Which I find odd since I only began myself a year ago. Still, it is great to see people taking control of their lives and following their hearts.

– Richard Broadbent

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