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I’m excited to announce that my memoir, The Mahogany Pod, will be published in February 2021 by Saraband. The book tells the story of a relationship I had in my early twenties, when I fell in love with someone who didn’t have long to live. The Mahogany Pod explores the intense joy and pain of a young relationship and what it means to live, and love, fully.

– Jill Hopper

Virgin By Design, a coffee-table book by 26 Member Nick Carson, was published on 26 March by Thames & Hudson. The book marks the 50th birthday of one of the world’s most versatile brands. Its 10 themed chapters explore the values that have helped Virgin shake up so many different sectors, and include lessons learned from successes and challenges, highs and lows, over the past half-century. An entrepreneurial, never-say-die attitude and bold innovation in the face of adversity are strong themes throughout, so while launching during a lockdown was far from ideal, there are some timely lessons in there for us all during these testing times. Find out more about Nick’s process on his website.

– Nick Carson

I’ve been working closely with Mr Simon Cohen — an inspirational speaker, writer and all-around wonderful man — to produce a series called ‘What if’. Watch the first short here.

Here’s a link to the Facebook post.

– Sam Crosby

I’ve got a novel coming out on the 30th April. It’s called The Music Box Enigma and it’s a historical crime novel set in London in December 1914. Find out more on my website.

In the meantime, I’m getting on with a new novel when I can, as well as working from home four days a week in my day job as an advertising copywriter. In the past, I have been quite driven about my writing, setting myself very clear word count targets for each writing day. I find that I’m giving myself a break a bit and just allowing the writing to happen when it wants to.

– Roger Morris

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