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Some news from Tom Sharp

On Leap Day, ‘Faery Fellers’, a project conceived and led by Tom Sharp, performed its first action. Created by Rosey Trickett of Studio Sutherl& and Marc Spicer of Magpie, 35 people came together to make the world’s largest faery ring, planting 100 hand-crafted bronze mushrooms around London’s Square Mile. Faery Fellers is a year-long series of creative works, each seeding the meme into culture that City Traders are the Faery Folk the old tales warned us about. You can follow @faery_fellers on Instagram for more. 

And a giveaway  

I’ve written a folk-horror capitalist faery tale and I’m publishing it in the manner of a Jacobean pamphlet. It’s part of the Faery Fellers collective, so it’s being given out for free to anyone who wants one. City Traders are the Faery Folk the old tales warned us about and this Faustian slice of strangeness is part of that story. Fellow 26ers Tim Rich and Nick Asbury have had a hand in guiding the work. Email for your free copy.

Jayne Workman has shared a sneak preview of a feature she’s written for the autumn edition of Forest & Bird magazine.

Becca Magnus has started a new personal newsletter – Eclectica – originally intended to share wanderings and ponderings on creative practice, branding, writing and any other tidbits that caught her eye.

But as she has rapidly found herself in a 12-week quarantine following the latest UK government advice, Eclectica has become a lifeline to the world. It is now a highly experimental and personal exploration of life in coronavirus as she explores what it means to be isolated, how to deal with vulnerability and how to create in challenging times. She invites you all to join her at

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