Members’ news

Would you like to be part of an unusual quest? I hope so. I’m currently writing something. It’s a little bit Julian of Norwich, a little bit Revelations, a little bit Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

I use ‘active imagination’ a lot when writing. I trust the collective unconsciousness. For my new work I’d love to try something that I don’t think has been done before. I’d like to crowdsource universal imagery for the poem.

For more details and how to get involved, take a look at this post. I have around 30 strangers from all over the world currently taking part.

All you’ll need to do is spend one hour of solitude and silence using active imagination. I’ll give you a starting scenario, explain how it works and ask that you write your visions down. Some of the images and visions you encounter will find their way into the poem.

– Tom Sharp

My personal project, a Google Maps list of British Isles places that gave their names to hymn tunes, has borne first fruit, a poem about an obscure cultural figure, to be sung to the tune named after the place of their birth. I mute details to preserve competition anonymity.

– Aidan Baker

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