Members’ news

Two good things to report this month :

  • I have a poem chosen as one of the best Scottish Poems (in English) of 2021 by the Scottish Poetry Library (curator Hugh McMillan) – details here.
  • I’m developing a creative live non-fiction workshop in May for The Devil’s Porridge Museum in Eastriggs, in which writers will be invited to take an object in the collection and archives to explore and be inspired by. There will be a publication associated with this project funded by The Wigtown Festival Company.

– Vivien Jones

My news is that I Miss Amy is at Brixton House on 3/4 May, as part of the Housemates Festival (one show for £10, two shows for £15!)

– Also Brighton Fringe on 19 May

– And I’ve written a chapter for the reissued version of the anthology The Colour of Madness (out on 12 May, during Mental Health Awareness Week)

Big month!

– Suchandrika Chakrabarti

And lastly, a thoughtful poem submission from John Simmons: “I wrote the poem below in response to all the news – not thinking specifically of the 26 newsletter but then realising it’s the subject that has been dominating all our lives in recent months so perhaps we should not ignore it.”

How will it end?

Consider, for just one fleeting moment, the plight
of the refugee fleeing another nation’s tyranny.
Think what brought on that desperate flight,
seeking shelter from the theatre of war.
Observe the theatre of kids bombed overnight,
the destruction of their future chance of play.
Imagine waking that morning to the sight
of lifetime dreams reduced to smoking rubble.
Reflect on the lies that made it right
to kill the innocent in patriotism’s name.
Wonder what can ever justify the might
that argues behind the blind hatred of a bomb.
Ask whether darkness that calls itself light
will ever shine in the eyes of those unborn?
Now question how this can be called a good fight
that ends with the welcome of a hostile visa form?

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