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I’ve uploaded some comedy sketches penned by my Fresh Aire Productions collaborator, Peter Aveyard in which I play Judy Dench and The Queen. Adult content… click on the link above to find them – comments appreciated!

– Irene Lofthouse

I tried my hand at poetry. I never call it poetry though – ‘cos I’m not too concerned with rhyming. I just say it’s work with extended metaphors and analogies.

But ‘my side of the street’ is spotless…
Immaculate you know
And clearly beyond reproach
Shadows large and small traverse it daily
And although I sweep religiously
And apply the polishing rag vigorously
Those dark patches keep recurring
My wishes not averring
And while I chase the cast of clouds
across the pavement with a broom
All vim and errant willpower
I wonder – whoever promised me
it would be
The sunny side of the street?

– Ben Archer

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