Members’ news

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve did a write up about 26Habitats as part of their Saltmarsh Saturday event. The saltmarsh there was my inspiration so I went along to the event and shared my centena with the group.

Here’s the link.

– Sarah Farley

I have been working on a heritage interpretation project with Hall for Cornwall in Truro, Cornwall called Revealing City Hall. The project is part of the £multi-million restoration of the venue which has included a delving into it’s past. The brief was for me to consider pre-defined historical storypoints, researching and highlighting elements of the theatre’s archive and revealing tales of its past, present and future. 

The stories are linked, via QR tags, to 30cm bronze and copper roundels located around the building. The idea is that these will act as jumping off point for multiple future creative projects. 

You can read my stories here.

I also created some shorter, more creative and soundbite- style snippets that will be used to create a booklet interpreting the history and heritage of the building and its setting at the heart of the city of Truro. 

It was a challenging project in a short space of time and my experience of researching and working on creative 26 Projects definitely helped me to deliver it!

– Suzie Inman

I did it! I managed to run all the 26 miles of the London Marathon at the start of the month. A big thank you to the 26ers who kindly donated to my fundraising efforts for the NSPCC and helped me exceed my target – with £2,788 raised to date.

– Sophie Gordon

I’ve continued to plough two furrows I noted in earlier members’ news.

I’ve written another campaign song, this time around COP26, and interviewed a community food organiser for _East Anglia bylines_. Both pieces are making their way through their systems; see here for my EAB progress generally.

– Aidan Baker

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