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After feeling useless on recent events unfolding in Palestine and being inspired by artists creating work in solidarity and to raise much needed funds for Gaza, I’ve written my first article for Creative Review interviewing five designers on their work and how to approach designing for a controversial issues. We hope it inspires more creatives to speak out on social justice issues and raise awareness on Palestinian freedom. We would appreciate the support in sharing and liking the article, and please support Anthony Burrill and Sarah Boris in their fundraising. Thank you and wishing everyone across the world peace and harmony in these troubling times.

– Sana Iqbal

I have had a poem Bubbles published in issue 3 of a magazine launched over lockdown, Friends on the Shelf.  It’s a fairly new independent magazine, focusing on original writing and illustrations. Details can be found on their website (

– Margaret Kenna

Next week my contributor’s copy of the Dutch book Our Earth! Our Answers! will arrive. The text and image p.075 are mine, and I did the English language copyediting. Very happy about the outcomes here.

Our Earth! Our Answers! is priced at €50 and available from Erebodos publishers.

As designed by my friend Joep Pohlen, it opens to lie-flat with two wraparound hardcovers; the extent is 320 pages in 3 languages on 4 paperstocks and 5 or 6 inks.

– Ben Archer

I took a song to Global Justice Now’s patent waiver demonstration outside the AstraZeneca AGM in Cambridge. I sang it to the tune ‘King’s Lynn’. It was fun to combine my involvement in GJN with my interest in hymn tunes named after places. Sources of material and sometimes of inspiration.

– Aidan Baker

I’ve just self-published my first novel, The Rollercoaster Year. This is what the blurb says:

Jill Baxter desperately needs a new life.

With an exacting career, two teenage children, a workaholic husband plus the burden of all the jobs that make their lives run smoothly, Jill’s way of life needs a profound overhaul. She decides to ditch her job for a year and have some fun. It’s going to be a dream.

But Jill swings from vertiginous highs – an extraordinary encounter with a young photographer, an inspiring project with a maverick antique dealer – to heart-sinking lows – the loss of a valuable inheritance and the erosion of her self-esteem as, jobless, she no longer knows who she is.

From comedy to sorrow, fiasco to fulfilment, Jill records the ups and down, twists and turns of her rollercoaster year off.

I published a limited edition run of books which are available at £8.99 each plus £2.50 post and packaging at 

While writing the book I attended a 26 workshop run by Elise Valmorbida and Fiona Thompson about how to write a synopsis and blurb – as part of approaching publishers. That was really helpful. Indeed, the hardest part of writing the book was creating the shortest element: the blurb!

– Hester Thomas

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