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I’m delighted that BBC Radio Leeds, as part of their ‘Make a Difference: Short Stories’ strand accepted and recorded my re-vamped 26 Twits piece, now called ‘Green Shoots’, which was broadcast on 15 Feb.
(3.43 hours in)

It’s the fourth short story of mine that BBC Radio Leeds has accepted and recorded since they launched their short story strand. Here are the links for the three other stories:

Pomegranate Seeds

If that happens

‘Lady Day’ my short story read on BBC Radio Leeds, 3.19 on time bar  

– Irene Lofthouse

I have become a director of Porthleven Arts Community this month. We’ll be bringing together artists and artistic endeavours in Porthleven, Cornwall and beyond, arranging an Arts Festival in autumn each year. I’m delighted to be bringing writing into the mix as it so often gets missed when people talk about art. I’m heading also up the drive to adopt our BT phone box and turn into into what we believe will be the UK’s smallest multi-media gallery capable of hosting traditional exhibitions of paintings, drawings as well as sound and light installations. Find out more at

– Suzie Inman

And Suzie’s not the only member who got in touch about a phone box this month…

I’ve been thinking about what I could, would or might do with a phone box in central Leicester, which perhaps should go out to a wider conversation within 26?

– Ben Archer

I’ve been setting up the media office for the National Academy for Social Prescribing, and through the Thriving Communities Fund £1.8 million is being given to social prescribing projects, which includes some creative writing ones!

– Francesca Baker 

Daniel, at sea

The lives of two young lovers are torn apart under Franco’s brutal dictatorship in 1960s Barcelona. Half a century later, Daniel must face the truth about the brutal ending of this passionate love affair and whether everything in his life until that moment may have been a lie.

“An engrossing novel, with a quiet wisdom that gently pulls you into the hearts, the worlds and the experiences of the characters. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.” – Lord Michael Cashman CBE

“…this is a novel in the great tradition – it unerringly evokes entire worlds and periods, through which the characters, wrestling with their own complexities, move towards love… An astonishingly mature, many-layered and irresistibly sympathetic account of real human lives lived out in the dark shadow of one of the 20th century’s most repressive regimes. – Simon Callow CBE 

It is brilliant. I LOVE IT! It’s a measure of how much it absorbed me that I found myself reading it at breakfast instead of the morning newspapers. Daniel is a fully-realised creation. His melancholy, quirky, complex life makes him both empathetic and engaging. The historical research is riveting (and in Barcelona, really unsettling.) – Jeffrey Kofman – Emmy Award Winning Journalist

– Philip Dundas

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