Members’ News

Firstly some exciting news about our recent project with Eames Fine Art. The London Original Print Fair has made a special viewing room on their website for our A Common Place exhibition.

See for yourself, here.

For personal projects I’ve just released Season 2 of my podcast! The UncerTwenties – the podcast for twentysomething’s who don’t quite have their sh*t together yet.

It’s available on all podcast platforms and I’ve got some really exciting upcoming guests! I’m also on the search for more guests so would love for people to get in touch with me if they’re interested.

– Karis Aldridge

Thanks to Sian Meades-Williams’ weekly roundup of writing opportunities, I plucked up the courage to send in a pitch.

Here’s my first travel piece for Indy Travel, featuring my home city: Merchants of Norwich: on the trail of the city’s lost fortunes.

– Jane Chittenden

Aiming to enter a poetry competition on the theme of medicine with something not about the pandemic, I read Sontag _Illness as metaphor_, Čapek _The white plague_, and Defoe _A journal of the plague year_. It didn’t work, but now all of the above may leaven my own hypochondria stories.

– Aidan Baker

I’ve been busy this month launching Porthleven Arts Community. I’ve been asked to be a director of the new CIC and will be promoting opportunities around art in all it’s forms (with a particular bent on writing. Maybe I can even bring a 26 project into the mix?!)

Find out more at Porthleven Arts – Encouraging and excelling creativity in the arts within Porthleven.

– Suzie Inman

And two 26ers have been dabbling in drabbles!

This month I have been writing for two different projects – I wrote three drabbles (of exactly 100 words each) for an anthology called Lost Lore and Legends being published by Breaking Rules Europe, which had the theme of mythology, folklore and legends. I also wrote a short story for another anthology called New Tales of Old being published by Raven & Drake Publishing, which was to write a short story based on a traditional folklore tale, but with a new and original twist. I have never written anything to send off to a publisher before, so was very excited to have all three drabbles and the short story accepted for publishing in these books.

– Anne Wilson

I have five drabbles accepted for the anthology book New Tales of Old from Raven & Drake Publishing being released in March.

  • Cabin in the Woods
  • Just Past Midnight
  • The Hangman
  • The Pregnancy
  • The Scarecrow

And five drabbles accepted for the anthology book ‘Lost Lore And Legends’ from Breaking Rules Europe.


I have two short stories accepted for the anthology book New Tales of Old from Raven & Drake Publishing release date TBC. 

  • New Tales of Old – The Three Greedy Little Pigs
  • The Emperor’s Revenge (and a New Outfit)

– Philip Rogers

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