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The WOW Journal was the brainchild of my seven-year-old daughter, Maddie, who dreamt it up during lockdown as a way to help other young children to feel more positive during this difficult time.

I worked on the book content with both Maddie and her five-year-old brother, Nathan. I work as a creativity coach for writers, so it was a fun project for me, too! 

The journal contains imaginative and reflective prompts for recording diary days, inventing stories, drawing doodles, writing lists and more, all with one central aim: to help young writers to notice, appreciate, imagine and enjoy all the amazing things in life that make them say: “Wow!” Our belief (stated in the journal) is that everyone feels better when we take the time to notice and appreciate the many things in life that can truly wow us!

The journal is for ages 5-12 and retails at £15. It’s available to order direct from us by emailing, or via Amazon.

– Rowena Roberts

In December, the first book of my children’s trilogy Trapped!, written with author Katrina Kahler, will be up on Amazon to buy. Here is the blurb:

Jason Finn is THE BEST at video games. When he hears about the company  LiveReal testing out their brand-new virtual gaming system, in his town, how could he not get involved?! But something isn’t right. The game is dangerous! There are magic spades, and chickens running wild! Worst of all, once you’re in the game, you can never escape. Will Jason ever be able to return home to his beloved, non-life threatening video game console?

The sequel will be published five days after the first and then the third five days after that. They don’t hang around in the children’s book business!

– Richard Axtell

I was delighted to be at the LIVE launch of ‘A Sprinkle of Madness’ on 15th Dec. The anthology is the work of students at United Academy Keighley and Keighley Schools Together where I was Writer in Residence for @FirstStory in the spring. A long journey by students, polishing stories remotely with teacher support has at last been completed. So proud of the students – and what an apt title! Available from @FirstStory.

My first horror short story was published in early December in ‘Inferno’ edited by Stephanie Ellis and Alyson Faye. I was invited to submit a story inspired by Level  of Dante’s Inferno, wrath. It was a challenge, but I was so excited when it was accepted. Reviews greatly appreciated – available on Amazon.

– Irene Lofthouse

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