Members’ news

Justina Hart has won first prize in the Second Light Poetry Competition for Long and Short Poems by Women 2020 in the long poem category for her climate-change poem, Doggerland Rising, A poem about the historic narrowboat aboard which she lives and writes was also shortlisted in the same competition.

Writing about art can be challenging. Describing the impact of a painting that no longer exists, and which there are no images of, magnifies the difficulty. I attempted to do that in a prose poem, recently published in THE DECADENT REVIEW. Caveat: it is longer than 26 words. 

– Joel Savishinsky 

I’ve joined the poetry project ‘Try to praise the mutilated world’ run by Dr Jo Bell. During Lockdown 2, Jo posts a theme a day (difference, thanks, monuments, fire) at and project members respond with poems for workshopping in a closed Facebook group. I’ve written 11 in 17 days!

– Aidan Baker

Last month I caught up with Sam Naef, entrepreneur, wannabe astronaut and creator of The Climate App. He hopes to create a carbon-cutting movement through peer pressure and bite-sized challenges: The Climate App promising behavioural change or “F**k it – let’s try and be an astronaut!”

– Abi Siri Andersen

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