Members’ news

Myself and a couple of other 26ers (Poppy Collier and Nick Asbury) have contributed to a lockdown poetry anthology called Beyond the Pane, exploring people’s views and experiences during lockdown. An image of a window and a unique view from lockdown accompanies each poem, illustrated by Harry Meakin. All proceeds from the anthology will go towards Platfform, a Welsh charity supporting mental health. You can read more about the project kickstarter and buy a copy of the limited edition anthology here.

– Rebecca Magnus

I started a project called Text Radio during lockdown – a series of live written interviews that take place inside a Google Doc. It’s a strange medium, like a written podcast. But it’s enabled me to have some great conversations with creative people, including 26ers Tim Rich, Kate van der Borgh, Rishi Dastidar and Tom Sharp. 

– Nick Asbury

My biggest news is retirement, with plans for reading, writing and cycling. Reading our stacks of unread books; writing in the momentum from years of poetry competitions and 26 Characters projects; cycling to visit more places with hymn tunes named after them. And not too much dozing over Twitter.

– Aidan Baker

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