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I’d like to share a link to an online symposium I am organising – Face Off: The Provocation and Possibilities of Masks and Head Coverings. The Call for Papers has just gone out. More details can be found here: It would be lovely to have some creative responses to the Call!

– Benjamin Wild

I have been enjoying the beautiful weather, delighting in the glories of 26 Wild and also wanted to share my poetry collection, A Terrible Thing, coming out from Bad Betty Press in October-more here.

I’m also excited to be in discussion with another 26-er, the brilliant Rishi Dastidar, on all things poetic on National Poetry Day as part of the Home by 10 festival

– Gita Ralleigh 

I rounded off my first year exploring what writing can do with two Yellow pencils at D&AD, two Graphite and four Wood. I was second in the worldwide rankings for ‘Design’, pushing the New York Times Magazine into third. I also won three Gold, two Silver and a Bronze award at the Brand Impact Awards. These awards were for my work with the British Library, my poetic installation ’Twenty-five Sculptures in Five Dimensions’, my poetic-led brand for data rights firm AWO, and the William Morris piece I created as part of the 26 Bloomsbury Festival project (pictured above). 

– Tom Sharp

I’ve got a picture for you of me signing for my football team in Berlin. I just so happened to be given the number 26! *Insert joke about me being a bargain in this transfer window!*

– Bert Preece

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