Dark Angels On Writing – THE book on business writing

A choir of angels gathered in Gospel Oak earlier this month to celebrate the launch of On Writing, the book to end all books on business writing. And who better to write such a book than the Dark Angels Collective, led by the one and only John Simmons, to whom we all owe a huge debt of gratitude for waking the corporate world up to the importance of good writing. 

Twelve chapters, each by a different Dark Angel, take you on a journey through the principles and practice of writing in the business world, interspersed with short pieces from other business writers on why they write. The book’s finale is a collection of personal writing from Dark Angels courses, ranging from poetry and satire to memoir and fiction.

To quote John Allert, CMO of McLaren and author of the book’s foreword: “Between these covers lie the Dark Angels’ secrets to better business writing… This book is so much more than a ‘how to’ guide. It is a window into a world free of the meaningless words and phrases we have accumulated in life and business. Its lesson is simple but challenging. The truth really does lie within.”

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– A fellow Dark Angel

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