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The Banshees of Inisherin, a film by Martin McDonagh

Dark, stark and hilarious. The script must cover just a handful of pages. So much is sensed and implied, this is a masterclass in under-writing. At the heart of it is a broken friendship which becomes so emphatic, drastic things happen. But it’s the pointlessness of it all and at the end, they can’t let go. It’s pretty bleak but on the upside it seems that the weather is rather beautiful in Western Ireland. Not my experience at all.

Super-Infinite: The Transformations of John Donne, by Katherine Rundell

This book was so highly recommended by a friend (she’d read it 3 times) that I quickly shuffled my bedside reading pile and plunged into it. It helped that I felt guilty about not knowing much about JD. But it’s the writing. Anyone who polishes off a sentence like this deserves a first, second or third reading: “from failure and penury, to recognition within his lifetime as one of the finest minds of his age; one whose work, if allowed under your skin, can offer joy so violent it kicks the metal out of your knees.”

– Alastair Creamer

This month, I read and loved Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California by Dave Chisholm with Peter Markowski. Dave Chisholm is both an incredibly accomplished trumpet player, composer and cartoonist. Seeing my love of jazz blended with my love of comics by somebody highly proficient in both was outstanding.

– Mugabi Byenkya

My partner and I treated ourselves to a night at the Kit Kat Club (aka the Playhouse Theatre) to see Cabaret, and it was quite something. From the moment you walk in (via the stage door) you’re greeted with schnapps, front-of-house performers and a stunning redesign of the theatre’s interior. And then the show itself. Wow. Cheeky, chilling, everything Cabaret should be.

– Sophie Gordon

I read Westminster Wader (1957) by Rufus Noel-Buxton, having written a poem on his 1953 fording of the Humber. It’s a slightly bonkers book, but it conveys his eagerness for seeing historical phases superimposed on each other, and his constantly exercised thinking about his place in the House of Lords.

– Aidan Baker

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