26 recommends


Birdsong in a Time of Silence by Steven Lovatt

A celebration of the sounds that lifted us out of the strangest of times. Part memoir, part character study, enriched by poetry and beautifully illustrated. 


Moon, directed by Duncan Jones 

Available on BBC iPlayer 

Modest budget, critically acclaimed science fiction film that follows a lone miner struggling with isolation on the far side of the moon. Tight and personal storytelling with a great twist and a brilliant performance from Sam Rockwell. 

– Michelle Nicol

I recommend The greater light a compendium of the life and works of Martin Shaw_ ed Stephen Connock and Isobel Montgomery Campbell. I’ve read this for my East Anglia bylines series on place-named hymn tunes. Next stop Little Cornard, where Shaw honeymooned. Hills of the North, rejoice!

– Aidan Baker

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