26 Recommends

It was dawn on a dark November morning in the UK, and evening in New Zealand. But more than 30 of us didn’t regret the early/late start, it was such a joyful gathering of 26 Habitats writers led by our New Zealand chapter. Now you can watch the recording here at a time to suit you. Enjoy.

– John Simmons

I stumbled upon Kathleen Jamie’s poem What the Clyde said, after COP26, and I’m very glad I did, even if it did have the side effect of making me a little homesick. Worth a read – or a listen – as you can also find a recording here.

– Sophie Gordon

Enter Bloomsbury Radio’s first radio play competition

This came to us from our friends at Bloomsbury Radio who did great work during the Bloomsbury Festival. This could be a great opportunity for any 26 members wanting to get into radio scriptwriting. Take a look here, enter, fingers crossed for you.

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