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Left Design Festival celebrates the best of visual communications on the left. With speakers across three continents from a range of progressive parties and movements, sessions will look at best practice and innovation in design and visual communications.

This event is for anyone – freelancers, agencies, in-house creatives and progressives – who want to better understand the landscape of design on the left and develop tools to further the cause of labour and human dignity. It’s on 16 October, free and online. For tickets visit here.

I’m finishing a holiday in Spain and have had plenty of opportunity to scour my Kindle for things worth reading. 

I’m on Ash Ambirge’s wonderful creative copywriting email list/course and she has a thing for Bill Bryson’s Neither Here Nor There. Apart from some sweeping generalisations about the French and the Germans and WWII (written in 1991, still no excuse really), there are some wonderful turns of phrase. 

Also, Tahmima Amam’s Start Up Wife (it’s been making waves) is an interesting study if what can go wrong when you start a business with all the right ideals but success takes over. 

And Sally Rooney’s new novel is deeper and darker than the other two – even darker than Normal People! – and will be worth a re-read this winter. 

– Mike Garner

I loved Bernadine Evaristo’s appearance on Imagine earlier this month (available on iPlayer). It was an in-depth look at her family background, motivation and long struggle to find recognition, culminating in her 2019 Booker Prize win. She’s got a new book out in October called Manifesto. Can’t wait.

– Jill Hopper

I love this reimagining of Peter Rabbit by CreateFuture. For any branding nerds reading this, you’ve got to take a look

– Sophie Gordon

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