26 recommends

  • I’m about halfway through Maggie OFarrell’s Hamnet (finally!) and it really is as good as everyone says it is!.
  • Finally got to go to a cinema again after seven months. Nothing high-brow – Marvel’s Black Widow. I mention it because I actually think it’s a great example of just how multi-layered storytelling can be. Yes, it’s a big bang comic book movie, but there’s also a gem of a dysfunctional family story in there too. I believe comic books have a rich history of this (although I’m no expert). Lots of smash and grab, but also humour and pathos and even a bit of political comment.
  • I’ve been to an actual museum as well – two in fact! Tate Modern for the Rodin – his plaster work is as fascinating as the final pieces – and Tate Britain for the Turner Modern World exhibition – lots of industrial and naval paintings, but extraordinary what that man could do with paint!

– Lisa Andrews

Lisa’s Hamnet recommendation has reminded me of a particularly good episode of Desert Island Discs with Maggie O’Farrell back in March (last aired on the 26th, no less). Fascinating insight into O’Farrell’s life, writing process and more.

And I’m currently enjoying a book of Cornish Short Stories that I picked up inBarton Books in Penzance – an absolute gem of a bookshop where it took a lot of willpower to stop myself from trying to haul away half the stock.

– Sophie Gordon

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