26 Recommends

I’m watching Jimmy McGovern’s stark prison drama ‘Time’ on iPlayer. Not the lightest of TV, I’d say, but if you’re a fan of the brilliant McGovern and/or if you have any interest in how our penal system works (and in too many ways, doesn’t work), it’s essential viewing – even more so if you’re involved in 26’s project with Fine Cell Work. 

– Wendy Jones

I have been reading Red Joan by Jennie Rooney, which is much much better than the Judi Dench film based upon this story, loosely based on British spy Melita Norwood. The “granny spy” who passed Britain’s nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, helped speed up Stalin’s atomic bomb programme by five years, according to a controversial new biography.

Also available to listen to here.

– Ben Archer

I recommend the podcast The Lazarus Heist – fact always stranger than fiction. Cyber theft on a massive scale across the world from the closed community of North Korea. Fascinating insights, devastating effects on individuals, families, businesses, people. Available on BBC Sounds.

– Irene Lofthouse

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