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A book on poetic craft I’ve edited, called um The Craft, published last week through Nine Arches Press.

It’s the third in the series of writers handbooks Nine Arches has published, following 52 and How To Be A Poet, and in it we’ve taken an expansive idea of what ‘craft’ in poetry can and should be. It’s not a straightforward ‘how to write poetry’ book, but in the various essays you’ll find loads of tips, goodness and wisdom, no matter your poetics or tradition or form you are writing in. We’ve also tried to reflect things that you should be thinking about *now* as you write – technology, performing your work, politics… It features contributions from such luminaries including Will Harris, Liz Berry, Dean Atta, Malika Booker and Roger Robinson. Perfect for the poets in your lives.

Rishi Dastidar

During November I will have portrayed 10 different females in plays of my own devising or for site-specific commissions. Including Anne Lister (Gentleman Jack), Mrs Carnegie (wife of richest man in the world), Margaret Graham (the ‘Only Female Aeronaut in Europe’), Margaret Wintringham (first British-born female MP in HoC), Flora Sandes (only official British female soldier in WW1, who fought for the Serbs) as well as poets, publishers, VADs and chiromancers – and written half of a MG/YA novel. Busy month!

Irene Lofthouse

The Payday Writers’ Group of staff in Cambridge University libraries made a booklet entitled _Illegal deposits_, after Cambridge University Library’s Legal Deposit function.  Free copies obtainable from Simon Halliday snjh2@cam.ac.uk ; cover artwork by Clare Trowell; blog of my own contributions here.

– Aidan Baker

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