26 Members’ News September 2019

I’m obsessed with botanical art at the moment – the lush, overwhelming sensuality of flowers depicted in incredibly precise scientific detail is somehow profoundly stirring. It’s something I wish I could mirror in my writing.

– Nicola Gill

A billboard I wrote has got the Daily Mail in a twist about my lack of an Oxford Comma.

– Tom Sharp

Plus, a round-up of some 26s spotted in the wild this month

Jill Hopper found this in the cathedral in Bern, Switzerland

Mike Reed collected these two 26s on a walk through the Spanish Quarter in Naples.

And Wendy Jones fought off a waiter to capture this 26… “I’m not sure it’s the best photo I’ve ever taken, but this was on a restaurant table I booked last week. I had to move quickly because the waiter wanted to remove it once we’d arrived and was rather bemused by my wanting to photograph it. It amused me. I’d always thought of 26 as a rather outgoing organisation, not at all reserved…

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