26 Members news August 2019

John Simmons has news from Edinburgh, where he also spotted the above 26, in Milnes Bar:

I gave a talk/reading at Edinburgh Book Festival about my novel Spanish Crossings. Alongside Clare Clarke whose novel In the full light of the sun is set in between-wars Berlin. Our chairman Jamie Jauncey skilfully brought together the connections between our books, the rise of fascism and contemporary echoes.

Aidan Baker has been working on a project:

Inspired partly by Places of Poetry (see Ed Prichard’s June recommendation), I’ve started a personal Google Maps list of British Isles places whose names have been used for hymn tunes. May this inspire bike journeys, and new words to the tunes, Christian or otherwise, concerning the places whose names they took.

And Rishi Dastidar shared an opportunity to get involved with The Europeanna #remember1989 blog parade:

Europeana, the digital archive for artworks, artefacts, books, films and music from European museums, galleries, libraries and archives, is launching a new project to commemorate the political and social changes of  1989, the year of the fall of the Iron Curtain.

People are invited to share their memories and impressions of 1989 in Europeana’s 1989 ‘blog parade’.

What’s a blog parade? Simply, a call out to bloggers, vloggers, influencers and others to write about, photograph or share ideas or memories on their own blogs or profiles. Your posts will contribute to a greater understanding of 1989 and its events. Your posts will then be summarised on the Europeana Collections blog. 

Everybody can participate in #remember1989 through blogs, Tweets, Facebook updates, Instagram posts, personal research, online exhibitions – just use the hashtag #remember1989

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