Meet the 26 social media team

This month we’re not just meeting one of our members, we’re saying hello to our whole social media team – in 26 words per person, of course.

Lisa Andrews


I’m a freelance writer/editor, with an eclectic career in entertainment journalism and corporate magazines. I’m working on my first novel and helped run 26’s Armistice project.

Francesca Baker


Never happier than when in a library or clutching a notebook, Francesca Baker is a writer, reader, and word lover, focused on creativity, connection, and communication.

Richard Broadbent

Richard became a full-time copywriter after 24 eventful years in entertainment and communications marketing. Rather than live in the zoo he is now a delighted visitor.

Jamie Delves

Tw: @delvesintoit IG: @a_cold_delves

Low-key poet and Scot incognito, Jamie survives by being creative for companies and agencies. Some say nomadic, some say homeless. Edinburgh, London, New York, who knows?

Peter Havers


“The most curious person I’ve ever met,” according to one relative. Peter likes nutrition, skincare and asking ‘why’. He currently lives in a West London hostel. 

Becca Magnus


Freelance brand writer and strategist, curious about people and the stories they tell. Currently found scribbling dreams, reading tarot, learning Mandarin and experimenting with interactive narratives.

Michelle Nichol

Tw: @I_am_wordstruck IG: @wordstruck1137

Living beside North East England’s beautiful coast, I find and lose myself in books and music and enjoy travelling hopefully with a notebook. Aspiring nature photographer.

Bert Preece

Tw: @PreeceOfficer IG: @bert_olli

Freelance writer living in Germany. Into hip-hop, poetry, football and food. Wish my houseplants would stop dying. Right now? Probably eating one of Berlin’s best kebabs.

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