Let's log those blogs

It will come as no surprise to learn that there are plenty of 26 bloggers tapping away in cyberspace. But who are they exactly? Following a request in the September 09 newsletter, here’s a round up of people who’ve owned up to their online activities so far. We hope to run this as a regular slot, so if you want more traffic passing by your blog, please get in touch at newsletter@26.org.uk.

Jamie Jauncey

Jamie describes his blog, ‘A Few Kind Words’, as adventures in the language of business and the business of language. Recent posts cover his travels and love affair with words.

Jack Gardner

Poetry and aphorisms abound in Jack’s wonderfully esoteric blog, which is subtitled ‘Today Essex, tomorrow the world’.

Jo Matthews

Jo tackles some of the big issues of the day – from recycling to the influence of the media – and shows us some of her work too.

Nick Asbury

Observations, quirky personal projects, poetry and quotes from weather men from the 26 newsletter’s co-editor and the brain behind Corpoetics and Pentone.

Jim Davies

Random visual and verbal notebook with an emphasis on design from the newsletter’s other co-editor and Design Week columnist.

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