Experiencing Dark Angels

Alya Al-Khatb was one of two young 26 members to be awarded the very first Dark Angels scholarships, following a competition in the September 26 newsletter. These free places on the Full Foundation Course were open to 26 members under the age of 30. Here Alya tells us what it was like to flex her writing wings with Dark Angels.

Any business is, in its most basic form, a group of people striving for the same objective. Its products or services are intended to make other people’s lives somehow easier, more enjoyable or more meaningful. So in writing for business, we should write as people. It seems simple, but so often cliché, jargon and hyperbole take hold. It’s not only uninspiring, it affects our attitudes towards our colleagues and customers.

Having won a place on the Dark Angels Full Foundation Course, I had the opportunity to reconnect with writing for people rather than a ‘target market’. Jamie Jauncey and Stuart Delves led us in a week of creative writing, readings and support at the wonderful Moniack Mhor writers’ retreat. No distractions, just our group, our memories, and our relationships. That was our source material.

We used constraints like time, space, poetry form and the odd curveball (“rewrite a paragraph of a mission statement, beginning with the letter C and ending with the letter D”) to summon our best ideas. Stories emerged, free from jargon, pure and genuine.

Jamie and Stuart are incredibly supportive and dedicated to their cause. They present a model not just for writers in business, but for businesses too.

For details on Dark Angels courses in 2013, visit www.dark-angels.org.uk.

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