Dark Angels bring tidings from home to home in London N1

home-to-homeDark Angels students get to see their creative juices displayed on a public space. A collaborative poem about home will soon be enlivening the walls of a building site and hopefully entertaining passersby in north London.

From Home to Home is a collaborative poem and an unusual approach to using the space on hoardings around a building site. Could these temporary panels say more than the conventional property-development sales speak of “creative lifestyle environments?” Designer Mike Abrahams thought so and invited Dark Angels writers to say something more interesting about a new residential property in London.

The twelve writers involved wrote one line at a time, and then handed on the challenge of the next line to the next writer in a literary relay. The parameters were use no more than 34 characters per line, base each line on the theme of ‘home’ and start the next line with the last word of the preceding line. And over the course of a year, in twelve monthly lines, a complete poem will be displayed to intrigue and entertain passers-by, starting and finishing with the word ‘home.’

From Home to Home is the work of twelve writers who took part in the Dark Angels Masterclass at Merton College, Oxford, in April 2013. The poem can be seen in monthly installments at 100 Shepherdess Walk, London N1 7NJ, a new residential development by Solidspace.

From Home to Home

Home opens up your own vision of possible John Simmons
Possible dances new beginnings with joy Faye Sharpe
Joy in your heart tread lightly with love Neil Baker
Love and soft arms that hold us each night Sarah Farley
Night rooms of sorrows and ardour speak Richard Pelletier
Speak dream bright windows to your world Charlotte Halliday
World made divine by the promises we keep Tim Rich
Keep dreams alive and nightmares at bay Jan Dekker
Bay of belonging a shared harbour our own Sue Evans
Own part of my restless heart sweet place John Dodds
Place me in the bosom of this loving house Jamie Jauncey
House me in the heartbeat at heart of home Stuart Delves


A poem in twelve monthly lines, written by writers from Dark Angels.

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