D&AD Archive Dive: K is for Keybrid

Roger Horberry, writer, lecturer and author digs deep into the D&AD archive and it’s all about K. And a word in your ear. D&AD entries are down for Writing for Advertising and Writing for Design, which means some great work is not being entered. Deadline is 1 February. What are you waiting for?

The front door slammed shut. There stood father, the first snows of winter dusting the shoulders of his worn cord jacket. But why was he home so early? Even as this question was forming in my young mind a glance at his ashen countenance told me something was very wrong. Finally he spoke, his voice as rough as freshly riddled clinker. Clearly he’d sought solace from whatever was troubling him in The Brown Cow.
“Ah’ve summat to tell thee – you an’all Ma, leave off mangling and gerin’ ‘ere.”
He paused, fighting to find the words. “Well, it’s like this…keyring factory’s shutting down.”
Mother let out an involuntary cry and clasped a chapped hand to her mouth, eyes suddenly wide with fear.
“No call for ‘em y’see. It’s them new Keybrid things, a key an’ keyring all in one. That’s what folks want. Bottom’s fallen out o’ keyring market, and me and t’other lads are on t’ scrapheap. AT MY TIME O’ LIFE!”

His great fist slammed onto the table and sent the cruets flying. He struggled to master his emotions before continuing.
“Oh, they say the Keybrid marries form and function in an emphatic display of reductive minimalism and resonates in a richly idiosyncratic rejection of self-limiting formalistic considerations, but ah’ve given everything – EVERYTHING – t’ keyrings – man an’ boy! Me, me father, me father’s father and his mam before him – KEYRINGS IS IN US BLOOD! In this family it’s not a job, it’s a way o’ life! Centuries o’ proud tradition, and now…now it’s over.”
He slumped onto a chair, a man reduced before our very eyes.
“Bosses say they’ve summat new for us and ah’ve to retrain. In bloody search engine optimisation… I ask thee, is that any work for a MAN? Well, IS IT?” And at the thought of this final insult his anger yielded to terrible sobs.
So thank you Amron Experimental and your oh-so-clever Keybrid, thank you very much. See what you’ve done? Next time, keep your bright ideas to yourself.
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