brainfoodWhat newsletters, RSS feeds and Tweeters are worth following for writing inspiration?

I’m a sucker for Brain Pickings and George Szirtes is my poetic refuge on Twitter.

Elen Lewis


Blogs which distract me from writing include Eat This Poem for bookworms who love to eat, The New Yorker, and Beyond the Margins. And the Blue Plaques app is a fun way to get inspired walking around London seeing where long gone literary heroes worked peacefully and didn’t get distracted by creative blogs.

Elena Bowes


Intellectual – Brainpickings and Arts and Letters Daily

Cultural – The New Shelton wet/dry and Things Magazine

Visual – This Isn’t Happiness and Ffffound

Roger Horberry


PANK magazine. I can also recommend the Writers at Cornell podcast. The most recent episode with Brenda Shaughnessy is a good listen.

Jacob Sam-La Rose

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