A blog inspired by Free the Word!

The readings, literary walks and other events of Free the Word! brought world literature to London’s South Bank on the second weekend of April. Members of 26 were there, gathering ideas, images and inspirations, many of which have appeared on Free the Blog!, a 26 project inspired by the festival.

Free the Word! set out to show what we may be missing in world literature. Many of the authors involved write under threat of censorship, imprisonment or even execution, while others simply write beautiful books that deserve more attention from the English-speaking world. No surprise then that the blog has been filling up with stories of renewed urgency and awe.

There’s still time to contribute.

If you attended an event and were moved to write about it, the blog is a good place to promote or publish what you’ve done. Even if you couldn’t make it but have something to say about translation, censorship or the power of words, send your photos, videos, poems or other remarks (up to 400 words) to26.bloggers@googlemail.com by 1 May. You can also comment on what others have said.

In early May Free the Blog! will be sealed off to new content, but it will remain live for readers until at least this time next year.

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