Three ways to… work in a café

Writers-in-cafeMaddie York used to avoid working in cafés, finding it awkward, expensive, and generally a bit of a bother. But, with inadequate heating at home, there has been no option during these chilly months but to embrace café culture. Through observation, trial and error, Maddie’s finally got the knack. There are three major things to get right.

1. Eat at home first
Going to work in a café on an empty stomach is a very bad idea. You’ll be more interested in perusing the panini options than in getting on with your work. Have breakfast or lunch at home first, and stick to tea or coffee while you’re out, and maybe a slice of cake if you must.

2. Choose a small, local café and become a regular
Be friendly and get to know the staff. You could even have a regular table. This means you’ll feel less awkward and more trusting when you ask them to watch your laptop and stuff while you nip to the loo.

3. Order tactically
To avoid a large latte bill, adopt a one drink per hour policy. Any less frequent than that is cheeky. Tea is a sensible choice, as it’s cheaper and can be ordered in pots which take longer to drink and can even be topped up just with water if you ask nicely.

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