Three ways to improve SEO through words

Ezri Carlebach gives three useful tips to improve a website’s SEO.

number-3I remember going to a marketing seminar some fifteen years ago thinking Essio was an Italian traffic control designer, only to find out it’s an acronym for search engine optimisation. Now, of course, it’s one of the most important of the dark arts of the digirati. I picked up some useful tips from internet marketing guru Daniel Rowles (@danielrowles) in a recent CIM webinar. Here are the highlights…

  1. Page titles really matter. Calling a page on your site 34890.html is not going to help the curious little creatures, called ‘spiders’, that Google sends out to crawl the web and capture stuff for the secret blend of words and spices that makes their search algorithm so successful. Better to create unique, descriptive titles for each page that give a good indication of what the lucky surfer who happens upon them can look forward to reading.
  2. When you’re writing the actual page, it’s tempting to say who you are right from the get-go. But it’s best not to, apparently. It’s better to say what you do, using known key words and phrases for your industry/sector/home planet. So ‘I design traffic control systems for public highways and factory management.’ Then you can let the world know ‘my name is Essio.’ And so on.
  3. Get your head round the various tools and analytics that you can use to track your keywords. Spot trends in Google searches and find out which keywords are popular in your area. There are lots of different tools out there, some of which are free, like Google Trends and Google Keywords Tool. Daniel Rowles provides a handy comparison of some of the main SEO tools on his website.

Happy optimising!

Ezri Carlebach

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